South African Indian cuisine is reminiscent of the heritage of the community. With its roots in India and influenced by the migration of indentured labourers to Kwazulu Natal from 1860, South African Indian cuisine can be best described as peasant cooking. It has evolved its own distinctive flavours to make it stand out as unique both in South Africa and India.

Renowned cooking author Kanthie Iyer brings the culinary feasts of the South African Indian community in her Easy To Cook Indian Recipes books (volume 1 and 2). Kanthie has focusedĀ on the Hindu style of South African Indian cooking, especially reflecting the tastes and aromas of Tamil-influenced cuisine.

Her books are well known both locally and globally, among the Indian community in South Africa and those who have left the African shores for life elsewhere. Kanthie’s books are available as an ebook (Kindle format) on Amazon.com and in print format within South Africa.